Team and governance

We don't believe that this issue will get solved by creating another big organisation. Our network organisation is about keeping the core team small and nimble and involving our network to fill in the cracks between systems, encouraging disparate groups to work better together to solve the problems.

Core Team

Mark Sears - Chief Wild Officer, instigator and sherpa for this phase of our mission.

I have spent the last 20 years working in creativity, innovation and environmentalism. Following a training in Environmental Science I embarked on a 15-year career working in challenger brands. In 2011 I switched tack again to focus on applying what I had learned about innovation and creativity to solve some of the biggest, knottiest problems of our time. All of my work is focussed on the edgelands where we might start to find ideas away from the safety and comfort of what we can control and understand easily. I have a foundation in outdoor education leadership with WildWise in association with Schumacher College which has deepened my own practice of connecting to the awesome wonder of the wild world we live in. After 40 years of living in the city I now live with my wife and 2 wild things in the Dart valley in Devon where I can now be found on the moor, in the river or in the woods trying as hard as I can to practice what I preach.

Community Activator - Jenny Reina



Innovation partner - Swarm

We scale our impact and capability to innovate through our partnership with creative collaboration company Swarm.

The Wild Tribe

We work with a tribe of experts who work on a project basis. We are able to bring in expertise from multiple sectors including health, nature connection, education and play as well as the creative industries.


The Wild Network is a a not-for-profit organisation, a company limited by guarantee. We are governed by a board of Directors who support the Chief Wild Officer Mark Sears, to ensure we deliver tools in line with our mission. The current board members are Stephen King, David Bond and Martin Salter.

We ensure we serve the broad interests involved in our mission with a number of strategic advisors covering play, nature connection, education and health. They shape the priorities of the organisation through their on-going active engagement.